July 23, 2009

One week

Exactly one week ago we moved into our new house. I cannot believe that we have been here a week already. It may have had a rocky start but it is starting to feel like home.

Last week was probably the worst for moving. It was SO hot and humid. The day before signing we walked thru the house just to check it out one last time. We found that the cooler was broken. So the morning we went to sign, there was someone over here to fix the cooler. When we started to move in that night (Wednesday) the cooler still was not working. It was a good thing that we had planned to stay one more night at our old place. We really did enjoy having the A/C that last night. Last Thursday was our main move-in day and the cooler still was not working. It was terribly hot. I have to tell you....I really am not a pleasant person when I am hot. Luckily I have a hubby that is very handy. The husband bought a new vent for the bedroom so we had more air flow. He also installed a brand new cooler motor. It was just what we needed. The house is so much nicer when there is actually air blowing out of the cooler vents.

We are slowly getting settled. There are still boxes to unpack but it shouldn't take too long to get them all emptied. I am really looking forward to having a room of my own to set up with all the crafty things I like to pretend to work on. Maybe once it is all organized I will actually create something.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. If only I did not have to get past Friday in order to reach it.


  1. Having a place of your own is an incredible feeling. I am so glad you are finally in it! Have fun decorating and playing - and making your new house your home. No more rent!

  2. good luck with the rest of the unpacking. I always hated moving in the summer.

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