July 24, 2009

making progress

Today was the husband's day off. While I spent the day at work, he spent the day moving furniture, boxes and unpacking. He even put together the computer desk. That means I am one step closer to having my own crafty space.

I have spent the evening trying to make every crafty thing I own fit into the tiny room. It is slowly coming along. The only thing I really managed to accomplish was mess up the modem. All I did was unplug it and now I get a message that my computer has different settings than the modem. I will need to look into that further this weekend. Thank goodness for neighbors with unsecured wireless.

I hope to get the room pretty much finished this weekend. Then there is the laundry. The in-laws have promised us their washer/dryer as they are buying new ones. We were supposed to get them after we moved but now it may be awhile. I really am not looking forward to going to the laundry mat but I guess a person has to do what they have to do. I was told of a pretty nice one a little ways up the street. They don't even use quarters. I kind of want to check it out just because of that.

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