July 2, 2009

It feels like a Friday

This week started out as any other week. It did not even feel like a holiday week, well until today that is.

This year the 4th of July is on a weekend. Even though Saturday is the actual 4th of July holiday, Friday is the common day off from work. The department is closed (to the public) on Friday but everyone is still scheduled to work. No one talked about having to work and some people were not aware of it. The gal who sits at the desk across from mine wasn't too happy when she found out that she was supposed to work. She had made plans to be off and I think a few others had done so as well. So most of them were working longer hours during the week in order to leave early on Friday. I had planned to do the same but on Wednesday I sent an email to my manager asking if we were really scheduled to work on Friday. She responded that everyone else was required to work but that I was to take it off. I was pretty surprised (and happy) to hear that. No staying late for me! The only bad thing is....I am the only employee (other than management) that has the day off. I did not mention my day off to anyone today. I am sure they will figure it out when I don't show up tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be too many angry co-workers come Monday.

I have lofty goals of working on packing and cleaning during my 3-day weekend but the reality is that it probably won't get done. After all the stress that B and I have been thru the last month or so it is nice to have some time off together. Tonight has been wonderfully relaxing and I hope that it continues into the rest of the weekend.

I have pretty much spent my evening editing some photos and searching online for drivers for my Canon scanner. I have found yet another item that does not work with my Vista64 laptop. First my Canon camera and now the scanner. I don't even want to attempt to try the printer. I am not looking forward to having to buy new products just because Canon doesn't want to cooperate and update their drivers. So basically my new laptop is only good for going online. I cannot do anything with it as nothing works with it.

I have started to share pictures of our new house. These are the photos from the listing. I can't wait until it is ours!

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