April 3, 2013

C is for China

...specifically bridal china.

You know, the stuff you register for when you get married. I don't even know if people still do that. Do people still register for china?

When I was a young girl, probably not even yet a teenager, my Dad got me a set of china. For years that box of china sat in the closet.

our china pattern

Fast forward many many years to 1997, the year I got married.

Since I already had a set of china, when the time came for the husband and I to register for our wedding, we selected a nice set of everyday dishes and the china stayed in the box. For years the box sat in the closet. Every time we moved, the box moved along with us. We never really had a chance to use it and the one year that I did almost use it, we got new dishes as a gift and used those instead.

Then last month, the water line to our water heater exploded in our laundry/storage room. The box of china dishes was soaked and falling apart. I set the box out on the back patio to dry out and it has been sitting there ever since.

I don't know what to do with it. I already have 2 sets of everyday dishes and china is so delicate. I don't think the husband really likes the flower pattern but seriously what guy is a fan of bridal china anyway?

I can't decide if I should just tape up the box and put it back in storage or get rid of it. I flirted with the idea of selling it but my Dad picked out this china for me and saved it for all of those years. I just can't see myself getting rid of it that way.

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  1. Check out pinterest and revamp it! That way u can keep it and have it useful. Make candles and birdfeeders.... and more :-)

  2. I would at least get it out of the box and be sure there isn't mold from the wet. I have a set still in the box, it has moved 1/2 way around the world with us, and I don't even remember what it looks like. Haven't thought about it in years until your post.

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com
    AtoZ #42

  3. I have such an affection for beautiful china! Erika Jean's idea is good - there are loads of good ideas for using teacups on Pinterest. My friend gave me a beautiful teacup with a cactus planted in in recently as a gift and it looks so sweet!

  4. When my Nana died, we got her set of China....while some pieces are too delicate to use, the dishes spent time as our everyday plates for a bit!!

  5. @Erika Jean - Thanks! I didn't even think about Pinterest. I will have to see what I find.

    @Rhonda - The air is very dry here so I don't know if mold would be a problem but you are probably right about me needing to take it out of the box and check it. For all I know, pieces could be broken. I am hesitant to check though as each piece is still wrapped in it's original cardboard wrapping.

    @Sarah Holmes - A cactus in a teacup sounds like a neat idea. I am imagining some other pretty succulents in teacups. I may have to look into this. Thanks.

    @MOCK! - I bet your table looked really pretty using the china everyday. I would like to do that but I don't think it would last very long. We have had our everyday dishes forever but I think that is because they are so sturdy. Especially when compared to the china.

  6. Hi!
    I'm stopping by for the A-Z Challenge! Thanks for sharing your post about china. Since you were wondering what to do with it, I would sell it or donate it to someone who loves it. Life is too short to drag around old baggage or unopened boxes. And don't worry about your father having given it to you, you already got the best thing he could give you--his love. Happy a-Zing!
    Alicia from newhousegirl.blogspot.com

  7. @New House Girl - You make a very good point. Life is too short to drag around old baggage or unopened boxes. I am slowly but surely learning to do just that. Thanks. :-)

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