April 28, 2013

X is for X-stitching

One of the first crafts that I taught myself to do was x-stitching (cross-stitching/embroidery). I remember digging through my Mom's hope chest and finding an old embroidery kit. I tried my best to figure out how to do it. I think I pretty much just made up stitches as I went along just to fill out the pattern that was printed on the fabric.

This is way before the time of the Internet, so that meant I had to search for books and magazines that could teach me what I needed to know. Thank goodness for the library and really inexpensive magazine subscriptions that a child could afford.

As with all my crafts, I have never finished a x-stitch project just for me. X-stitching was something I did to give as a  gift to others.

Over the years, I have completed a few small hangings, some barrettes and some ornaments. But mostly what I loved to do was x-stitch on baby bibs and baby onesies. One of these days I will stitch again. I mean, I have to do something with all this floss that I have accumulated over the years.

August 30, 2010

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  1. I love the photograph, all the colours of the rainbow. You should definitely do something with all that thread.

  2. Cross stitch was one of the crafts I never liked. I just found it so boring. I am impressed you even finished small projects.

    Rhonda from Laugh Quotes

  3. Oooh, all those spools of thread just make me want to be creative! I love embroidery - it is so rewarding. Do share with us what you make, won't you? :0)

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