April 9, 2013

H is for Husband

Especially a husband that likes to cook.

The husband made this
The Husband made this

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  1. The food looks awesome! Great image. I showed my wife and she is very jealous. I'm a terrible cook, I can't make toast. Now I'm inspired though, maybe I'll try and learn how to make plates like that.


  2. @Dan Miller - Thanks Dan. I love taking photos of the stuff he makes. I have to say that he is a much better cook than I. I too am a bit jealous. :-)

  3. Lucky us, I have one too! A hubby who likes to cook. It's awesome :)

  4. Zack makes a mean spaghetti.....but it is not nearly as beautiful as your photos!!

  5. I wish I'd thought to ask my hubby if he could cook before we moved in together. It all looks delicious.

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