April 12, 2013

K is for knitting


I taught myself to knit on Christmas day 2004.

I used an instruction booklet that came with a little kit that included some really icky metal needles and lots of little extra pieces, that to this day I have never used.

No one that I knew, knew how to knit. I had never watched anyone in person knit before and in fact I still haven't had that pleasure. I had no idea if I was doing it the right way. Thank goodness for the invention of online videos. When I first started knitting, online videos were no where to be found. If they were, I had no idea how to find them. Now they are everywhere and I find them to be a huge help when I need to learn a new stitch or remember how to do an old one.

Apparently, I made it onto the list of top knitting blogs (go figure) back in 2005. Which is kind of funny because at the time I think I may have only ever finished 1 knitting project.

Not that I have gotten any better at finishing my projects. Here it is about 12 1/2 years later and I have only completed about a total of 9 knitting projects. I definitely will not be making it onto the list of top knitting blogs any time soon.

Sadly, I may not be knitting any time soon either. As only I can do, I injured my wrist getting soap out of the soap dispenser at work. I pushed the lever with my thumb and managed to pull something on the opposite side of my wrist. I have the same numbing sensation you get when you hit your funny bone, alternating with lots of pain. Oh and I cannot touch my thumb to my pinkie. Basically, I have no idea how I was able to type this post.

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  1. Have you tried acupuncture? I have had some really amazing success with it for a wrist injury with similar numbness.

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com
    Visiting from AtoZ #41

  2. I'm amazed that you'd never watched anyone knit before! Whoever wrote that instruction booklet should be proud of you.

    I hope that your wrist recovers soon.

    Have you declared it as a workplace accident? It's very important!!

  3. I'd love to get into knitting again. Unfortunately, I was taught how to knit and purl but not how to cast on and cast off. Maybe YouTube has the answer! Hope your hand is better soon - how debilitating that must be x

  4. Ouch! Hope it heals!! i want to master my crochet before I start knitting... but I DO want to learn! I learned crochet on youtube ;-)

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