April 8, 2014

E is for Explore

Are you familiar with Flickr? It's a photography website.

I guess now-a-days it would be called a social media site, but I have never thought of it that way. I first signed up for an account in 2004. Back when I first started this blog. Did they have social media back then?

Every day, Flickr selects 500 photos to showcase in what they call Explore. It used to be the top 500 most interesting photos, but over the years the criteria to get a photo into Explore has changed. Thing is....no one has ever known what the original criteria was or what the current criteria is. The only thing that is known for sure is that the criteria has changed.

Six years ago, I got my first photo in Explore. This one right here. I was really excited about that. I still find it exciting.

*Do a little dance*  {111/365}

Fast forward to last week. After 6 years, I again have had a photo make it into Explore. I am super excited but I have to admit I have no idea how it got in there. It's not a particularly great photo. Just a quick shot I took with my iPod for my photo of the day.

But thanks to the Magic Donkey that is Flickr's Explore, my kitty photo has had up to 5,362 views as of this post. Yay!



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  1. So beautiful :) That photo makes me massively happy and DESERVES to be explored!

  2. last year's girl :: Thanks Lis! :-)

  3. Congratulations !!!! It's such a cute photo. A xx

  4. Alison xx :: Thank you Alison! :-)

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