April 13, 2005

Another Wednesday

Whoo hoo!!! I have received a call back for a 2nd interview for tomorrow! I am very excited about this and it is hard not to get my hopes up.

Today is going much better than it was this morning. My team now consists of just two people - Me and one other person. We are doing the work of 4 people. Because of the downsize I no longer work 4x10's and have to work on Fridays (my normal day off). Well the person working with me does not feel he has to work 5 days and has decided to not come in the past 2 Fridays. He told me he made plans again to not come in this Friday and I lost it. This Friday is the 15th. We work with Tax customers and it is going to be a busy day. I had to put my foot down. I am at my wits end with being the dumping ground for all the work around here. I am happy with what has been decided for that day. Hopefully I should not be the only one here to do the work.

Last night while watching Amazing Race I was able to work a couple of rows on the knitted shawl. I so hope this thing fits me as I am unable to tell while working on it. All the stitches are bunched up. I guess I could always add an additional round just to be on the safe side but then again I don't want it too big. The pattern is easy to follow but with all the yo's, increases and decreases the stitches get a little tight. Thank goodness for those occasional knit and purl rows!I love the softness of the Homespun yarn but I am not too happy with the way it is looking all fuzzy. I just have to remember that I am mainly making it to wear at work so I should not be too picky. I would show pictures but it just looks like a jumbled piece of fabric and who wants to see that right? Also, I am having problems posting photos to my blog at the moment.

Well you may not hear from me in awhile as I need to get my own taxes completed. Darn I sure hate that I procrastinate everything!

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