April 6, 2005

Is it Wednesday again? Already?

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I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. Wasn't it just Wednesday? Even though Wednesday sneaked up on me I still feel like this week is dragging. Maybe it is the 5am wake-up time to go work out.

I am kind of lacking in the WIP department as all the projects I want to make are pretty pricey in the yarn department. In fact one outfit I want to make will cost me over $150.00. Soooooooooooooo.........at the moment I am stuck using the yarn I currently have.

So that brings me to my current WIP. The Classic Man's Scarf. B asked me how I know it is a Classic Man's Scarf and I told him, it is because the book calls it that (so take that smart alec hubby!) I checked out a bunch of pattern books from the library and this pattern was in one of them. Here is my progress so far. B says it looks poofy. (Gotta love him)

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