April 28, 2005

Something new to play with

See this? This is my new toy.

Dreams of Nyssa

Just what I needed. Something else to use as a sig line. I don’t know why little things like this excite me. What can I say. Deep down I am just a nerd! :-)

If you want one too just go to Feedburner.

Let me start by saying that B and I are not fans of American Idol. When the show first started B used to work nights and I would only watch the audition shows. Well now that B is home at night, he has caught a few episodes here and there of this season’s show. Since my hubby is a rocker himself, he was excited to see someone like Constantine on the show. This morning as I am getting ready for work, B was downstairs watching the news. I heard enough to know that the topic was American Idol. I could not hear anything else but I knew exactly what happened when I heard a loud ‘what the F?’ coming from downstairs. LOL! Well I guess he won’t be so interested in watching the show anymore.


  1. too funny...you guys need to watch it! it is fun!

    love your flash thing that is cool!

  2. I'm not into the American Idol show either. My mom and dad love the show. As for those ticker things that is really neat. I tried to use one for my e-mail but it is just too complicated for me.

  3. I was actually really shocked Constantine got kicked...he had SO many girl fans, that I thought for sure he'd make it to the final four at least on looks alone.

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