April 1, 2005

I have an announcement to make

It is official! I have completed my first knitting project. Last night I finished up the ribbed scarf. I am so proud of myself. It sure took me long enough though. I will share the finished product soon.

Last night I frogged the garter stitch scarf I was making for B. I found a different pattern that I liked better that used just one of the colors. The yarn I am using is worsted weight. I decided to use size 10 knitting needles. The only size 10's I have are metal. I am NOT liking the metal at all!!!! I used wood needles for my ribbed scarf and those are so much easier on my hands. My results using these metal needles are not making me happy. I know that since the needles are larger than what the yarn calls for the result will be more of an open weave but it is hard to keep the yarn on the darn needles. The yarn just slides all over and I am having trouble keeping my tension. I am trying to decide if I should go buy some more wooden needles or just start over using my 10.5 wooden needles. I am still also trying to decide if I want more of a solid weave or not.

Today my glasses broke so posting will be limited as I am blind as a bat. B tried to glue them together but since they are metal and very thin, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it to the eye doctor tomorrow. The bad thing is I will have to go to my interview on Monday with glue on my lens. Oh well. If they like me, they like me for me and not my glasses.


  1. Congrats on the first finished project! I know what you mean about metal needles...I have them, and use them, but much prefer bamboo.

  2. Congratulations on your finished scarf. Get new needles. I had the hardest time with the metal ones as they kept slipping on me as well. So my advice is to get the wooden ones they are so much better. I doubt I'll ever have time to do any knitting now that I have the triplets. I can hardly scrap let alone knit.

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