April 11, 2005

Yes. It is definitely Monday.

Today was going oh so well until I encountered the customer from hell. That is where she must be from as every email she has sent to me today has included this word! This customer is demanding I make personal changes to an account that she cannot verify is hers. She wants me to make the changes just because she said so. Why oh why won’t she go away? Does she not understand that legally I cannot do this? I so need some Advil. Why is it my fault she is waiting until the last minute to do her taxes?

On another note……I am still waiting to hear if I have made it to the second round of interviews. I got an email on Friday that I will find out either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I want to find out today! I really don’t think I made it so I want to get my feedback and get it over with.

I still need to work on my taxes. I have not even started. But I can tell you if I have a problem this week I am not going to be blaming it on anyone else!

I guess knitting got in the way this weekend, as I never turned on the computer so I would not be tempted to do my taxes. LOL! I am half-way finished with the shawl. I cannot really see how it is turning out as it is all bunched up on the needles. I sure hope it fits!

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