April 9, 2005


Huh? Wha?? (aren't I just being clever today – LOL!) I have started on my shawl. I decided to knit instead of crochet and it is my first pattern that is not just knits and purls. So far, it does not look like anything but a big mess. Granted I am only on row 9 but heck…..the dropped stitch look with all the yo's is driving me nuts! I am sure it will look just fine if I continue at it but for now, it just looks like a big mess. I get real excited when I get to just knit a row (which is very few and far between). I think I will continue working on that today although I really should sit my butt down and start my taxes.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how your shawl turned out. Also, where did you get the pattern?

    Keep knitting!

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