March 31, 2005

Picacho Peak

The pictures are from our mini-hike to Picacho Peak on Easter Sunday. It was nice to get out of the house and actually go somewhere different. Usually when B wants to hike we go to Reddington (when there is water) and Reddington is just brown. J It was nice to see the flowers but there were so little and we only saw a few poppies. When I was maybe 10 years old, my entire family (the whole lot of them) went to Picacho for a holiday (Mother’s Day/Easter – cannot remember). All I remember is that there were flowers EVERYWHERE! We have so many pictures of my cousins and me and other family members posing in the flowers. The bad thing about these photos is that they were taken with a Polaroid and are now fading. So, when I think of Picacho I remember that time. This year was advertised as one of the best ever due to the extra rain we have had this year. I would have to disagree.


Yes. It is Thursday. Which for at least this week is my Friday. I am so going to miss having my Fridays off of work. Good-bye 3-day weekends. L Well it was a good run. Good schedules do not last forever and I am extremely lucky that I have had mine as long as I have.

….well it looks like I am the only one (out of 4) that has come into work today. That should make things interesting.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Your trip photos are pretty( and as a photographer, I enjoy looking at photos!).


  2. Loved your photos. Isn't it nice to see spring? I just love the beauty of the flowers. You look great too with your hubby. So glad Winter is on it's way out. Was that a scrapbook page you showed or did you just stitch the photos together using a computer program?

  3. Thank you Debi. I really need to get out more so that my pictures are not just of my cats. LOL! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Thank you Laura. It is nice that the flowers are coming out (which we only get a few here) but I am not looking forward to the hotter weather. Luckily it has stayed pretty cool here.

    I made the collage using Picassa2. I had the older version but it was not letting me post photos. I downloaded the new one and it has extra features.

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