March 30, 2005


Hey! It is still Wednesday. I finally get to post my WIP's on the correct date. LOL! Better late then never. I had to finish my chores before I could post. :-)

I really don't have anything much to show. Here is my ribbed scarf. Yes I know it is gonna be summer next week (well here anyways) but I just have not been able to find the time to work on it. Plus since I know I cannot buy any new yarn right now I don't want to finish it and have nothing left to do (not that - that would happen as I have many many old WIPs that I have been working on for years). As you can see it is almost done. Give me about an hour where I can sit still and it would be complete.

Now here are many WIP's. In this here picture you have TAXES that are dying to get done, about 3-4 semi-finished scrapbook pages just sitting there and a bag that does have a skein of yarn for another scarf. Oh and the huge WIP.......just cleaning up the darn thing. My desk is a disaster area!

Now this picture is a bit different. This is not yet a WIP but I sure would like it to be. I had planned to start this doily last week using the pink, green and white thread that I used on my flower bookmark. However, the pattern calls for shaded pinks and I am thinking the shaded pinks maybe prettier. I want to go to the craft store just to see first if I can find the shaded pink color and if so, see if I like it. If not then I will use what I already have.

Well that is it for the update. Time to go and look thru all the knitting and crochet books I checked out at the library. There are some really neat looking patterns that I am excited to try.


  1. Hi Nyssa...thanks for stopping by my blog =)

    That doily is just beautiful!!!

  2. I think it is pretty too. I just hope that the one I make looks at least half as good. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. okay what does WIP mean? I'm thinking unfinished projects as your journaling was stating but not quite sure. Didn't know you knitted and crocheted. I learned how to knit right before the babies were born and was in the process of making a blanket until I found out I was have triplets. Well, of course that blanket only got about 10 inches completed. I couldn't see myself making 3 blankets but luckily my friend and also my grandmother made blankets for the children. Talk about the desk. My desk is a mess! I have 2 desks one in the kitchen which isn't that bad but my scrapbook room desk it's awful. Piles and piles of papers and things. Yikes! Anyway had fun reading your blog and again thanks for helping me add photos to mine.

  4. Jennifer - I like the colors too. I was surprised how the colorway turned out.

    Laura - WIP is what you are thinking it is. It stands for Works in progress or process or something like that. LOL!

    I have been crocheting since I was little but the knitting just started this past Christmas. I did not know that you knit. I am sorry you did not finish the blanket you started but I can totally understand why it was not. You sure do have your hands full with those three. I hope they are all feeling better soon. I am glad you were able to add their photos to your blog. It will be good to go and see the updates.

    As for the desk. I doubt that will ever get cleaned off. I so have to start on my taxes. Maybe tomorrow.

    Bunni- Thank you. Unfortunately it is not mine although I wish it was. I am hoping that the one that I do make turns out half as good.

    Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my blog

  5. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one with many WIP!!!! Great scarf!!!

  6. It is sad how many WIPs I have. I have stopped counting cause if I don't count then they really are not there right? LOL!

    Thanks for the comment on the scarf. I was so excited to finish it but sadly due to mild weather this winter I never got to wear it. Well there is always next year!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

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