March 15, 2005


I am sick.

Last night it started with just a little sore throat but a big swollen throat. This morning my throat is on fire! I am really hoping I can leave work early today as I am not allowed to take any time off of work. So far I seem to be okay as long as I do not talk. So my plan is to drink hot tea all day. The sad thing is, I am really hungry and cannot eat anything. I think it does not make it any better that B is home sick with the same thing (thanks honey). I wanna stay home too! Plus tomorrow I will be the only one working.

.....well scratch only working a half-day. The guy next to me that is leaving for Japan (tomorrow) for the next 3 weeks is going to take the day off to take his dog to the vet. I am not against animals but this guy lives with multiple roommates that refuse to do anything (including work). Considering this guy does not have a car and his roommate is going to have to pick him up anyways to take the dog to the just bugs me - why can't the roommate take the dog? I cannot be too upset as my co-worker is asking himself the same thing.

I am so selfish.

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