March 22, 2005

Remember me?

I'm back.

Thanks Julie and Natalie for the well wishes when I was away.

This cold is killing me!! I don't think it will ever go away. I slept most of the weekend! I did nothing crafty as I was not in the mood to do a thing! I went back to work yesterday but it just exhausted me. Well it does not help that I am doing all of my work and the work of 1.5 other people. The main part of my cold is gone now but the coughing has started. I know I am getting better but it sure does hurt. My voice is about gone and the guys at work are getting a kick out of hearing me try to talk.

At work one guy is on vacation in Japan and another got a different position. So it is only me and one other person. Well guess who decided he did not want to come in tomorrow? Guess who will be working on her own? I am so behind I am stressing!!!!!!

Then last night I found info online on a friend from high school. Well we hung around the same group of friends. I could not tell you if she would even remember who I am. I was excited to find the info and when I was showing the guys at work I came across another site that excited me but I can see it is going to bug me too. Last December a bunch of people (different ages, different schools) got together for a party. At least I can say I knew about the party so I am not totally out of the loop. However the person that told me about the party forgot to give me the webpage to get the info. I was also told about the party from another source and still did not get the info. Yeah, you can say I am partly to blame for the slackiness (how do you like that word) but now that I found pictures of the party I so wish I was able to attend. Maybe next year - or maybe not as I don't believe anyone that I remember, remembers me. How sad is that? So then my main point about writing about this is that I am so toally disgusted with myself after seeing pictures of everyone! Everyone looks absolutely gorgeous! Argh! I guess I better get busy and start working on myself! Makes me feel better that I did not go to the party. Whew!

Now isn't this the bummer post?

Okay. Enough griping. I am going to try again to see if blogger will let me post some pics because it really is starting to get to me that it won't!!! I hope to have some updated project content soon!

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