March 29, 2005

Good Morning

After searching online I was able to find a fix for my photo posting problem. It appears that Hello/ Blogger changes the name of the photo when you use their system. So I just had to tweak the HTML to fix. Well I could do that or use a photo with just a one word name. LOL!

Last night we watched the movie Taxi. It was okay as there were some parts that did make me laugh but B feel asleep so I guess it was just an okay movie. While watching I worked on my garter scarf. One of these days I will finish. J Actually I am almost finished with it and will probably complete it tonight. I am looking forward to posting my works-in-progress update on Wednesday, as I will have pictures now.

Tonight is Amazing Race and it looks to be a good one - lots of blood and drama. How sad is it that my days (well evenings that is) are based on what is on the television. At least I am not as bad as B. He turns on the TV as soon as he wakes up and it is constantly on even if he is not watching. It freaks him out. LOL! How weird is that? I would rather read a good book.

Did you see that I changed my profile picture? Yep that’s me!

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