March 14, 2005

So far so good

This morning has turned out to be good so far. I was able to drag myself from bed and realized that I really could not call in to work. So I got my butt into gear and got ready for work. It is a good thing I did as we are short 2 people today. Monday's are very busy anyway but today will be super busy I am sure.

I bought breakfast at the cafe here at work and got a middle-of-the-road coffee out of the coffee maker and not the machine. Of course I had to pick myself a nice leaky cup to use. I am not a big coffee drinker but lately I have been having a cup in the mornings when I am at work. We have three stages of coffee here at my workplace. We have the low grade coffee that you can get out of the coffee machine (what I normally get). Then there is the middle-of-the-road that is out of a coffee maker dispenser. Which is too far to walk so I don't get it too often. Then there is coffee you pay for. We have a coffee cart for those that really like their coffee. Since I am poor I rarely buy it but even so it is also far away (right next to the free coffee maker). The building I work in is huge and it takes my entire 15 minute break to walk down to the cafe area to get food and coffee. The coffee machine on the other hand is right by my cubicle. You do the math.

Well break is over. Time to get back to work.

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