March 7, 2005

Just another Monday

I had a busy weekend at home.

I cleaned out my bedroom. The only problem I have with it being cleaned out is that it now echoes. I am thinking that is why I had trouble sleeping this weekend. Now my don't want to look in there. Especially now that a lot of stuff that was in the bedroom in now in there.

B cleaned out our hall closet. I had done it before but did not do anything with his stuff except box it. So he went thru his boxes and then thru mine. Urgh! He told me when he started that he would ask me before throwing anything out. I am a huge packrat and stuff just holds sentimental value for me. I have to go thru a huge thing to throw something out. I tried not to stress over him cleaning out the closet and since he asked me if he could do it first I was relaxed about it. It started out nice enough with him asking me a few times if he could throw something out. Then it happened......he came downstairs with a bag of garbage with a pair of candle holders that my uncle made us for our wedding. I told him he did not ask if it was okay to throw them out. His response was that since it was given to both of us that he did not have to ask me. Uh... NO. You would think after as many years that we have known each other that this was not a good move. He then proceeded to tell me they were broken. I told him that I wanted to keep them and they meant a lot as they were made for us. He then took them back upstairs and like the pain in the rear he is - he threw them down. Of course now they probably are a bit more broken. LOL! They are pretty durable actually. They are made of rod iron and have decorative leaves. It is the leaves that bend and one has broken off. I glanced in the closet and it looks great (he was able to move and stack stuff I was unable to). I can now fit my vacuum back in the closet. I must say though I did not check to see if the candle holders are in there.

I had a great time scrapping this weekend. I managed to finish 5 pages and hope to have them up soon. It feels great to have some type of project completed. Now if I can only keep the momentum going.

Oh and this morning while B was taking his shower the tub was leaking thru the ceiling into the kitchen. Just what we need. Now we have to see if we can get a maintenance guy to come and fix it while we are home as we don't want anyone in our place when we are gone.

Well I better get back to work. I am the only one here today (out of our group of 4) and I have a lot I need to do.

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