March 28, 2005

Hello Sucks!

Hello sucks!!!!

Blogger sucks!!!!

Enough said!!!!!

Update: Ummmm Blogger and Hello still suck.

Okay. I have been searching online and it appears I am not the only one having the same issue with photos not posting. I guess I could use my Photobucket account but I am too lazy. LOL! I was able to find thru one forum some steps to fix the issue so I will be trying those soon. So, if you see some weird things going on………that is what is happening.

….well maybe not all me as Blogger seems to be doing weird stuff today. I will no longer discuss how long it took me to post this tiny update.

Cough Drops - 1
Soda – 1 (reg) 1 (diet and it was free!) = 2
Coffee – 1
Advil for headache – 2
Water - 1

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