March 16, 2005

Under the weather

I managed to leave work for home a bit early yesterday and went straight to bed. I slept until it was time for Amazing Race. No matter how I sick am I cannot miss that show. I was hoping that the girls did not get eliminated as the one ate all that meat when the men gave up. Of course they really screwed up by missing the turn. The show is interesting this time as they are not giving out the non-eliminations as early in the show as usual. That is from what I remember from previous shows but I may be wrong as I keep forgetting this was only the 3rd episode. LOL! After watching that I swigged back some Nyquil and went to bed. The Nyquil helps but I never get that good nights rest as for some reason I always wake up every hour when I take the stuff.

I am now at work and my brain is all Nyquil fuddled. There is just two of us here today (just me doing my stuff - the other guy has a separate queue he work in). So I am doing the work of three today as one started his vacation today and the other has the day off. I am thinking about taking tomorrow as a vacation day and sleeping thru the weekend.

It is so cold in this building I can hardly move my fingers. I am not sure if it is the building or just me. :-( I am finding it really hard to concentrate today.

As for my co-workers dog, he was not even sick. Just a little sad that his owner is going away for a bit. All that drama yesterday morning for nothing.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope that you're feeling much better soon!

  3. Thank you Julie and Natalie. I am hoping this goes away real soon!

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