March 30, 2005

Business Attire

Yep. That is what I am wearing. My pants have creases!! Why am I excited you ask? It is rare to find someone in business attire at my place of employment. Work is so casual, new hires are told that dressing up is not that common. If someone is dressed up, you know they are having an interview. Everyone gets a chuckle when a new hire comes in all dressed up for an interview. Because of this attitude, when a current employee dresses up they do get teased about it. Jeans and T-shirts are the norm.

My interview is today. So far, the day is going very slowly. I have not seemed to do much work today. I am not too nervous. Two of the girls giving the interview are scrapbookers so that has to count for something right? I sure hope so because I really do not have the ‘gayness’. Let me explain. At my workplace, it would be safe to say that about 90% of my co-workers are gay. The standing theory is that if you want to be promoted you need to be gay. There are 2 scheduling positions open and I have a friend that is also interviewing today. I told him he needed to share his ‘gayness’ with me so we both are hired.

Two of my co-workers have come back from their Japan trip. It is so funny listening to the stories of what they experienced. I guess in Japan if you are a guy (not Japanese) you have to protect your ‘package’. Especially if you are over 6 feet and black. This poor guy was dodging people as they tried to grab him. The way he is telling us what happened is so hilarious. He has the best story telling ability. He had this happen 3 times the same night.

And I cannot even talk about Amazing Race with the cube-mate as he TIVO’d it and did not watch it. He is so pro-Rob and Amber. I needed him to watch it so I could gripe about them!
Has anyone noticed that Blogger is now adding numbers to the link for each post? What is that for I wonder? Is sure does make for a long link.

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