December 14, 2004

11 days....

How exciting to be able to update my Christmas gift list. Of course I still have a ways to go. My plan is to photograph all my projects before wrapping so I can finally share. Well that is after I get the film developed. I sure do hope Santa is good to me this year and brings me a digital.

Grrrrr........ I have been trying to make my archive pages have links for each post instead of having the entire post. The directions to do that are here and they are understandable to me except the Archive section. Where the heck do I put that? So if things look weird (like my archives disappearing) it is due to me trying to edit my template and being unsuccessful. Help?????

Update: Okay! I finally got the archive page to show the links. I just now need to customize it. However when I do click on the link my post is not there. I seem to have lost them. So I guess it is back to the drawing board. Wish me luck!

Update Update: Okay so I guess I did not get it to work. I got the listing but when then I lost all of my posts. I guess I better learn css and these templates are not HTML. I just decided to go with a different template for now and will probably customize it back to have all of my personal stuff. I think I better get back to work now.

Final Update: I Suck. Therefore I am back to using the old template and my archives are icky.

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Great scrapbook page! I like to scrapbook too, whenever I get time.

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