December 25, 2004

Knitting has begun

I tried knitting tonight and so far I can cast on and I am working on the knit stitch. I have a big problem with tension. I am so used to wanting the tension to be tight when I crochet and it is hard to know what to do when knitting. I started out with tight stitches but I found it hard to get the loop off the left hook. The directions state not to work too close to the end but it is hard not too. I started to loosen up a bit and it gets a bit easier but I am not sure if I am supposed to tighten after each stitch. I have never watched anyone knit so I think I really need to do that. My first swatch is not coming out very well. I think I will work on it more in the morning and then see how it looks. At least I am getting a bit used to the different way of holding the needles.


  1. It's more important that your tension is consistent rather than tight or loose. I started some knitting yesterday for a change of pace.


  2. I guess I just don't understand where the tension is supposed to be. Is it the yarn coming off of the skein? The tighter I did the stiches the nicer it looked but I was pretty much wrestling with the hooks to get the yarn off. The looser the stitch the easier it was but the end result was icky. I hope to post pictures soon to show what I mean.

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