December 5, 2004

20 days….

My Dad is good. He is home. I guess the doctors don't know how to fix him so they just put in a shunt.

Today has pretty much been non-existent. I woke not feeling very well and spent most of the day in bed. I finally got up sometime in the afternoon and I have not done anything. Usually on days like this, I never leave the house but I can say I did go outside and drove to the bank so I am not a total slacker. My plan tonight was to watch Desperate Housewives and then go back to bed but Desperate Housewives is not on tonight. Talk about disappointed. B was looking forward to watching it too, which I think is cute.

I have done absolutely nothing of my Christmas presents the past 2 days. All of them are pretty much on hold right now.

I only turned on the computer to download my email. I am glad I did because I had over 15MB to download. I do not know where it came from. So far it has not been anything big.

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  1. I love Desperate Housewives too!! And cross stitch, among other things you like. Desperate Houswives is great, my dh likes it too but he'd never admit it.

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