December 26, 2004

My attempt of the Knit stitch

I gave up on hello and just uploaded my photos the good old fashion way. Here is the result of my trying to learn the knit stitch. I have no idea what I am doing. I have never watched anyone knit before and do not know anyone. I am thinking that maybe I need to go to the yarn store so they can show me but I really don’t want to wait until February when I will get a day off of work (Mandatory overtime sucks!).

I guess I just don't understand where the tension is supposed to be. Is it the yarn coming off the skein? The tighter I did the stitches the nicer it looked but I was pretty much wrestling with the hooks to get the yarn off. The looser the stitch the easier it was but the end result was icky. It is hard to hold the needles too. I guess I am just not used to two. J I am also using thin cotton yarn and maybe I should use something thicker?

I have included a photo of each side as I sure as heck cannot figure out which is the right side. LOL! See how where the stitches are looser, the piece is bigger? I just want to be able to get the rows straight and close together. They are supposed to be close together right? The first couple of rows are close together. If you click on the thumbnail it will open a larger picture.

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