December 20, 2004

5 days!!!!

Today was a long day. I got stuck on an escalated that lasted over 3 hours. We found more problems and so I am calling the customer back tomorrow. I have been light-headed ever since. It has been a long time since I have had to deal with a huge technical call. I have been off of the inbound phones since April 1st but do make escalated callbacks (at least one a day) and sometimes if we are very busy I take a call or two to help out or when a customer requests a callback. The calls that I usually do deal with my department (Merchant Accounts) or customer service etc. The call I made today was full blown out techincal with a very damaged file where I had to figure out what was wrong with it. Of course what I found out to be the problem was not helped any by my peers as I had been told could not be possible (Yeah right). So now I am just plain tired. I am so glad I don't take all the calls I used to. I don't think I could handle it anymore.

I have an update all ready to send about my icky week last week dealing with B's idiot ex-boss - but I will have to save that for another day.

Yesterday while washing our clothes someone stole B's jeans. I was so upset. I had put the jeans in the dryer and walked to my apartment next door to take the load that just finished drying. I was not gone that long. The jeans were soaking wet and someone still took them. So now poor B who only has 2 pairs of jeans and no other pants is less one pair. And they were the pair he wears when we go out. Good thing they were stolen the day AFTER the holiday party or he would have had nothing to wear.

On the crochet/Christmas present front....I feel as if I have accomplished something. Yesterday I printed out gift certificates for all of my customers to include in their holiday cards. I got some of those mailed out today and some of my personal cards out today. I usually send the cards going out of state first. I will be sending the rest tomorrow. Well that is the goal anyway.

Tonight B and I watched Collateral. Tom Cruise does not look real in the gray hair - it was very fake looking. It was a decent movie and kept our attention. Well enough of it anyways. B had his entire HeroClix collection spread all over the floor and table. Did I say all over? It covered what little free space we have. Have I mentioned that I have married a child? While he played I started crocheting the 2nd tote bag for my other sister-in-law. This time around, it is going much smoother and I made terrific progress. I think this one looks nicer too. I am using Lion Cotton in Morning Glory as I could not find any purple yarn anywhere in this city. The Morning Glory is close enough. It really is a pretty color. I worked on it for about 2 hours and I think I could probably finish it in a couple more hours or be pretty darn close. I will be sure to post pictures once the projects are done and presents given out. Oh and the film developed.

I am looking forward to the holidays being over only because I want to be able to do some of my crafty things without a deadline. January is our busy season at work so I don't really see myself starting anything - or if I start I doubt I will finish anything. Maybe in February I can be Super Crafty Girl!

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