June 7, 2006

Barely Wednesday

Thank you to all who commented about my uncle and his transplant surgery. I really do appreciate it. He is doing well and is up and walking. He will have to stay there for about a month as he will have to have a check up every day. Hopefully I can catch a ride to go up to see him this weekend or next weekend when my mom goes.

Today is another afternoon of super-dooper storm activity. It is so out of the ordinary that everyone goes outside just to look at the rain falling. I don't have any wipers - well not any that work well so I am hoping that when I go home in 15 minutes or so the rain will have died down a bit. The thunder is extraordinary. I can hear it thru my earphones and the music is up pretty loud. It is louder than some of the jets that fly overhead and let me tell ya these are some super loud jets as we are under the flight path to the airforce base and the incoming airplanes landing at the airport which is a mile away.

I really am sad about this rain. The one smell I love in the entire world is the smell of rain in the desert. I miss it. I miss it because I have lost my sense of smell over the course of the last few weeks. I honestly cannot smell a thing. Then because of this I cannot taste anything I eat. There are a few things that the taste comes thru on but they are pretty spicy things. Have you ever lost your sense of smell? What did you do to make it come back?

I am thinking I want to go home and maybe scrap a bit or even knit but B is in a bad mood and mad at me so I will probably not be in the mood to do anything. Plus I have been getting home so late that I never seem to have time to do anything before it is time to go to bed.

You know....it sounds like there is a leak in the roof. We have a really high roof in this building with ceiling panels. It sounds like just right above my cubicle there is a leak on one of the panels but it has not broken thru yet. I think I need to go home before the flood happens.

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