June 21, 2006


I have just about had it with work. Not the work I do, cause I like that. Not the company I work for, cause I like them too. It is because of some of the people that I work with that will make me give up my current position or leave. I have had it. There is just too much negativity and when I ask my boss if we could have a meeting, I am told that he does not work that way because it will get out of control. Okay. I can understand that. In a way, I WANT to have a meeting like that. I don’t like individual meetings because I then sound like I am whining and am told that I am the only one that feels the way I do.

If I do NOT want to decorate cookies, I should NOT have to! If I need to get work done (because I have no backup like they do), then I should NOT be forced to work the bake sale or decorate stupid cookies. What gets me is that I offered to work a session at our bake sale (if no one else chose it as I had to be at my desk for a meeting) and come to find out today (after I worked TWO sessions) that the troublemakers were bitching that I had told them that I had to attend a meeting. I am STILL trying to get caught up from that stupid bake sale! I WANT to go on vacation. Vacation is more important to me than fundraisers and motivational activities. WE are ADULTS people! We do not need to have motivation time in order to do our jobs!

I am SO tired of bitchy back-stabbing women! I miss the time when all my co-workers were guys.


  1. I hear ya Stef. Working with men seems to be easier no? Hope things get better. Want my job? j/k lol

  2. Oh yes. Men are easier to work with. I miss the times where I was the only gal on the team. Maybe that is what my problem is?

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