June 5, 2006

He got it!

Today is a good day.

I just got a surprise call from my mom
(They came back from their trip a day early).

She called to tell me that my uncle finally got his liver! The transplant was done yesterday (Sunday). If only he were at a local hospital so that I could go and see him but the only hospital that could do the surgery is 2 hours away. Not a bad drive (in fact my parents are driving up there for the 2nd time today) but with work and a car I cannot really trust I doubt I will be able to make the trip. Plus I am thinking that I may have more than just allergies and I cannot see him if I am sick.

Yes. Today is a good day.


  1. that's excellent news Stef! Now, go to the doctor!

  2. i'm wishing your uncle a speedy recovery so he can enjoy life! donors are amazing. ;>

  3. Yipee Yipee Yipee!!! That is sooo exciting!!

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