June 16, 2006


Today I am lazy.

I do not feel like doing anything today.

Last night I had plans to upload photos (to share of course) and maybe scrap. I have nothing creative in me at the moment.

I left work close to 6:30 and B wanted me to stop by the grocery store for a couple of things. On the way home one of the major intersections by my house was completely closed (all four ways) due to an accident. So we were all detoured to a side street. So in other words I took the long way to the grocery store. I really don’t like this particular grocery store and I had to deal with the not so friendly gal at the register. B made an awesome dinner (grilled Tilapia) so that made up for it all. I told him that he will have to remember what he did (he had made up the recipe as he went along) so that we can have it again.

After dinner we watched Windfall. I think this may be a show we will watch this summer. Last night was only the 2nd episode but so far we like it.

So what is good on TV on Friday nights?

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