June 15, 2006

An update

On Saturday I rode up with my parents to visit my Uncle up in Scottsdale. My cousin rented them a really nice condo just a few miles from the hospital. We really did have a great time just hanging out. I love that my family spends so much time laughing. This particular Uncle is always the life of the party. Poor thing was all alone when he had his surgery as both my mom and aunt (his sisters) and my cousin (his son) were on cruises. LOL! He almost went on the cruise himself. It is a good thing that he decided not to go.

I lived in Phoenix for my first year of college. I don’t remember Phoenix just being a bunch of freeways. I pretty much just stayed on the Interstate and there was only one express way when I lived there. Now there are loops and express ways galore. It was terrible. Between all the traffic and my dad’s crazy driving (oh and having to listen to the Hank Williams XML satellite station) I was totally exhausted when I got home.

So now it is Thursday. I cannot remember this past week at all. It is pretty much a blur. I have been getting to work later in the morning and staying late so by the time I get home it is already 7pm if not after. I have not logged into my computer at home since Saturday and I have not scrapped for more than 2 weeks. Well the last time I scrapped is when I met up with Happay Scrappay at the lss on June 3rd and I did not even finish the page I was working on. My scrap crap is still downstairs right by the door. So sad.

There are so many things that I am getting behind on and I think I am starting to stress but I don’t know I am stressing. Is that weird? I try not to think of stuff I need to do (or even want to do) and therefore I kind of forget all about it. I need to get out of this funk and quick. At least I am starting to feel a little better and I usually can smell a few things during certain parts of the day.


  1. Take a deep breath...you'll get things done!

  2. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. Have you ever tried accupuncture? They have a school at Ft. Lowell and Swan where I went and it really helped me a great deal. It doesn't hurt at all I promise.

    Can't wait for the next get together. I promise not to bail!

  3. Thanks Chelsea. I think I may see myself accomplishing some of my goals this weekend.

    Amber - Accupuncture? I don't know. I am a bit scared of needles no matter how thin they are. So when should we get together and scrap?

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