June 10, 2006

Two are two

Why is it when I actually have something to post that Blogger will not allow me to do that? Each time I have tried the system has been down and now that I can post all those old posts are kind of irrelevant.

So look who turned two. On Thursday the twins celebrated their 2nd birthday. Of course I found out about the party on Thursday morning so needless to say I was not to happy about the late notice and having to leave work early. I got to my brother's and the get together was in full swing and all I can say is it was kind of chaotic. When I got there I was greeted by my brother's friends who were all sitting outside. The older folks (like my parents) were inside. The kids were all over the backyard and most of them were jumping on the trampoline. I saw Ducky (twin #1) and picked him up right away and held him for a bit. Then I tried to go inside. I say try because in my way was a lady I did not know holding Anna (twin #2). The lady was trying to take Anna inside to her mom and Anna did NOT want that. My s-i-l said that it was okay for the kids to be outside and as soon as Anna saw me she reached for me and needless to say I had her attached to my hip for about 30 minutes and I still did not make it inside. LOL! We went outside and watched the kids jumping until Anna points and says 'Ducky'. I turned around and there was Ducky on top of a ladder. I never knew I could move so fast while already holding someone. As I was reaching for him, my brother was just getting there as well. I cannot believe the only people that saw him were his little sister and my brother. My brother was stressing until he saw that I was already taking care of it. I finally got to put them both down but as soon as Anna saw me paying attention to another (hugging the oldest) back into my arms she went. LOL!

I finally got inside when they had the kid blow out the candles on the cake. After that was kind of a blur. I went outside and did not know they were opening presents inside. I guess during the cake two of my brother's dogs got into it and my brother had to pull them apart. This is the 3rd time I was told and again one of the dogs bit my brother in the forearm. All I know is that there was only one dog in the kennel and my brother and the other dog in the garage. I did not know the state of the dog and did not even ask. My s-i-l said that they were taking both dogs in the next morning to be put down. What a sad ending to the day.

The one great thing about the night was that for that one hour I was there (yep I was only there one hour), I was able to smell a bit. I could smell the oldest's cologne and I did not want to let him go. He wears the Axe cologne and I think it is cause he wants girls to act just like the commercial but he will never admit to that.

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