June 29, 2006

It was not the template!

It is still happening. The visits are still coming. Could these visits really be someone that is just like the people on these websites linked below? The IP addresses are from the same place and why would someone be on my blog for 5,6 or even more hours?

I know that you all probably think that someone is leaving a page of my blog open and closing it hours later but that does not appear to be the case (as you can see in prior post picture). These hits are happening every few minutes. These hits are not hitting a particular page and they do not show up on my list of referred links. I had to search the tools of my blog counter to find the information on these hits. I am concerned as I normally average 10 hits per day on my blog. So far I am over 195 hits just from this morning. My blog is NOT so interesting as to have these many hits in one day.

I even have some of the tech guys here at work checking it out. Makes me glad I work for a software company.


  1. Some people, sorry this is happening to you...Hopefully they will get the point.
    jamie (CP)

  2. whoever is visiting you is prob not staying on your blog for hours at a time. if they visit at say 3PM and then visit again (using the same IP) at 6PM, it will show 3 hours. they were not on your site the entire time. just fyi.

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