December 3, 2007

* drained

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I am happy that this Monday is pretty much over. It was such a weird day. I really had problems concentrating and pretty much felt like I was in a fog the entire morning. Everyone else I talked to felt pretty much the same. Just one of those mornings I guess.

I ended up taking 2 coding tests today. Boy they are getting harder and harder. I really had wanted to complete more than 2 sections but it takes over an hour to complete each section and no less than one hour for the test. The coding final is even worse. The instructor says that some people have taken 2 days to complete. The gal who sat next to me took the ENTIRE day (8+ hours) to complete hers. I am NOT looking forward to that.

Here's hoping that Tuesday is more productive.


  1. What an awesome photograph. Makes me miss my kitty. Rocky died the night before Halloween. I'm still grieving his loss. Poor kitty.

  2. Thank you Laura. I am sorry about Rocky. I bet Diamonds misses him too.

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