December 11, 2007

* It's wet - wet - wet!

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It is quite wet outside and oh so chilly.

It has been raining since I left school yesterday. The hubby had quite a hail storm outside his work and so I had to drive over and pick him up. I did not drive thru any rain the entire way and when I got to his work, the huge storm was already over. Once we got home, it rained and it is still raining. I am not used to the rain so it is quite exciting. Of course I am inside (without a window) so I am missing it. I REALLY want to see the snow capping the mountains but they are covered in clouds.

Yesterday, I was able to take one test. I now just have to wait for it to get graded. I have two that I am waiting on and one of them was the hardest test I have had to take yet. At least it was the last one on that particular subject matter (ICD-9).

Now I am off to take another test. Wish me luck!

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