December 31, 2007

The last day

Now what kind of blogger would I be if I did not blog this last day of the year? This eve of the New Year?

I never really get excited about the beginning of a New Year. The days will pretty much be the same after the New Year begins except I will become another year older and I will need to remember to write 2008 on my checks. But in a way I am kind of looking forward to the new year. I hope that it is much better than the last 365 days. Not that 2007 was all bad but major bad things ended up happening that have changed how I live my life. My Uncle’s passing did make these recent holidays hard, as it will all future holidays. Losing my job has thrown me for a loop. I am still not working but I am getting to the point where I really need to find at least a part-time job. Starting school was another big change. I have always loved school and learning something new is always a bonus. I miss seeing my old friends from work though. No one really stays in touch and that is sad. The husband was in a car wreck and the kitty got sick. So much happened I cannot even remember it all. One bright spot of 2007 was that it snowed. Now that was cool! Oh and “The Move.” How could I have forgotten about “The Move?”

This New Year should bring some interesting changes as well such as starting a new job and hopefully attending my 20th high school reunion (Man! I am old!).

The husband and I are home tonight. We have never really been ones to go out on New Year’s Eve. We will probably be asleep way before the clock strikes midnight.

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