December 5, 2007

* Just one of those days

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Today did not start out very well. The hubby and I had an argument and so I was not in the best of moods when I got to class.

There is one lady that bugs the heck out of me (and others). She was in the little side room where I sit with 3 other people today. She has a seat in the main classroom but for some reason she feels she can only study the medical stuff in our little room. When I got to class, I noticed that the chair I use was missing. This chair is not a regular classroom chair but an office chair. It was adjusted to fit me. This lady was sitting in my chair. I did not say anything to her but she finally overheard me looking for a chair to sit in and made a comment that she did not know it was mine. Hard to believe considering it was at a desk with my full name on it and she moved it down the row. So she gives it back. She had changed EVERYTHING about the chair. All the settings (height, angle, etc) were changed. I was SO not a happy camper. Not only did I have to readjust everything, but the chair reeked of smoke and she only sat in it for a short while. In fact the ENTIRE room smelled so bad today. I just had to mention it to the instructor. I found out later in the afternoon that I am not the only one that found it to be a problem. Other people in our small room complained as well. This is also the lady that yelled at the instructor when the instructor was helping another student. Let’s just say she has issues.

I did hear today that one of the gals in my class already got offered a position for a job. She is barely into her 2nd week of her externship. I am so happy for her. I hope that I am just as lucky.

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