December 1, 2007

* Wool is itchy

*YAY!* {137/365}
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I am so glad I don’t have to wear it all the time. Well I don’t have to wear it ever, but I have such a pretty sweater and it was so cold and rainy yesterday that I just HAD to wear it. It rained the ENTIRE day yesterday. It was 100% chance of rain and that is just what it did. It got really bad around midnight with huge gusts of wind and hard pouring rain…then it stopped. Just like that.

Today it looks a bit dryer outside but I have only briefly glanced out the window. I hope it stays dry so I can do some laundry.

Thank you to all that took the time to comment on my last post. I appreciate the words of encouragement.

My instructor has been on vacation this past week but I did see her briefly on Friday. I mentioned again how I did not have enough time and I think she realized that I was supposed to be on a faster track. She mentioned that we could probably do an extension but I really don’t want to have to do that. See… once I am finished with this program, I can then look for a job. I REALLY want to go back to work. I NEED to go back to work. My unemployment also runs out in January so I am SUPER motivated to finish. I took seven tests last week and I hope to crank out even more next week. Lots of subjects I still need to cover.

On a much better note…

Remember my eBay saga?

I can finally say that it is finished! YAY!

I had purchased a Silhouette from an eBay seller and she took off with my money. Well she did not actually take off because I did finally talk to her on the phone. She said she felt so bad about the whole situation and in the same breath kept bragging about how much money she just made selling Tupperware and did I want to buy some Creative Memories from her. I don’t really trust someone when they tell me they do not have any money to pay me back but then tells me she just made $600.00.

PayPal would only return $200.00 of my purchase and when I submitted a chargeback for the remaining $99.00, PayPal just ignored it. eBay also ignored all claims. But I am happy to finally say that after many phone calls and emails to the bank, I finally found a $99.00 deposit in my account the other day. Happy times!!!!!


  1. I can't wear wool either, or flannel. I can crochet with wool as long as it's soft though. :-) I remember that whole ebay incident! I'm surprised you didn't curse the foolish woman off! Lol I'm glad you're finally able to get it sorted out.

  2. So far the wool I have worked with has not been too hard on my hands. Of course I chose the softest I could find. I do find though that after awhile, I need to take a break from it.

    It is when the wool is elsewhere (other than my hands) that it tends to make me feel itchy. The sweater was premade and I think my first wool purchase of any kind. Having no prior experience with it, I had NO idea how itchy it could be!

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