December 14, 2007

Snowmen like it cold...

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...but I do NOT!

It is freezing in the classroom and the Café is closed. :( No coffee today. Of course I really do need coffee today.

This morning started out with having a flat tire. I made it to a gas station but had to ask if they even had an air pump as it was hidden. I am so glad I did not have to keep looking for one and that the one I did find was free. Free is always nice.

Today is a short day of school. I did manage to take a major test today so it’s all good. Now I just need to decide on what I want to work on next.

Yesterday the husband and I drove to the mall to buy a gift for the boy (aka the oldest nephew). The store did not have what I wanted to buy him so we had to drive all the way across town to a different mall that did have it. Yay! Another present purchased. That makes two! LOL!

After the mall we stopped at Best Buy. The husband really wants a PSP3 but they are not backward compatible. They don’t play PSP2 games. He has been doing a ton of research and I guess that he will be able to play some of his PSP2 games on the PSP3 but only if he buys the most expensive (80GB) and he may have to download some game emulators to make it work. We keep hearing that there was a 60GB version that played everything but Sony has discontinued that version. :( It is times like this that it really bugs me how the large companies steal our money. Not that it doesn’t bug all the other times. They make 2 versions of a game system but you cannot play your old games unless you buy the more expensive model and then with that one it is a maybe. Bad, bad, bad move.

This kind of reminds me of what one of the local scrapbook stores here in town does. They offer a reward to those that spend the most in their stores. There are two levels, (Silver & Gold) depending on how much you spend. However, the store cannot tell you if you have spent enough to have reached one of the levels. We will call it the “special club.” So if you make the “special club” one year and spend the same amount of money the next year that does not mean you will be in the “special club.” I got a postcard in the mail that stated I was $100 away from reaching Gold status (which is the highest level). It told me that I needed to spend this amount before the end of the year but that even if I did spend this amount that did not mean I would reach Gold status. Gold status is dependant on the amount spent by their super best customer. So you get those with tons of disposable income coming into the store and jacking up the amount we have to spend in order to get even a little bit of benefit. I can spend thousands in that store and still not make it into the “special club.” I was there a month or so ago and a lady was just throwing stuff on the counter. When they told her she was already at $250 and she was still piling things on the counter, I walked away. It did not help my mood any to see her waving around a Gold status coupon. Must be nice to have that much money and get a huge discount because of it.

Okay. I really did not want this post to end up being a gripe. Just a couple of things I have been thinking about lately.

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  1. I hear ya Stef. I haven't had any scrappy money lately and it sucks. I know I'll never spend enough at that store to get any kind of bonus. Just too much other real life stuff that needs payin'!

    Hope all is well with you.

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