April 5, 2011


di·a·ry /ˈdīərē/ Noun

1. A book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences.

I received my first diary, a Christmas present from my parents, at the age of 10. Being only a child of 10, my entries were short and to the point and not really what one would deem important. What I ate for dinner. What movie I watched. Are just a couple of examples. But that wasn’t always the case.…the first space shuttle landing, Ronald Regan’s inauguration and the freeing of the hostages are just a few historical moments that I have come across.

By the time I reached Junior high, I was writing down every single thing I did each day. I would start with my 1st class of the day and pretty much go on from there. There were daily entries concerning whatever current boy I had a crush on and lots of entries about Duran Duran. Lots and lots of Duran Duran.

I didn’t really have a diary in high school. I did have a journal which I allowed others to write in as well. Written on the first page, it says:

This is a book of abstract feelings and emotions.”

And that is EXACTLY what it ended up to be.  The book is filled with lots of song lyrics, doodling, code words and favorite phrases that I no longer have any memory on their meaning. Oh…and apparently I wrote poetry. Looking back I wish I had kept more of a personal journal during those years. There is so much I don’t remember. It bothers me that I didn’t preserve those moments.

I did keep a journal for most of my first year of college. It has so many memories that I am very happy to have captured. Not just memories of what I did each day but the feelings and emotions that went along with it. That is the one I keep safe. The one that is just for my eyes only.

I have tried to keep a journal as an adult but my entries always end up being more about feelings and emotions, mostly written during times of frustration, sadness or anger and not about actual moments that I would want to remember. That is probably why I don’t really write just for me anymore. It got to be too complicated.

That’s where this blog comes in…

It’s short and to the point. It’s what I had for dinner, what movie I saw, and few historical moments thrown in between.


  1. I think that's the stuff I like the best though.

    The events you won't realise are historical until years later, and the thoughts and feelings, filtered through the pictures you took and the cereal you had for breakfast.

  2. a diary is memories - I was never a writer as a kid. I have a ton of photo albums!
    Happy D & E day!

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