April 30, 2011


And so the April 2011 Blogging Challenge has come to an end.

I am not a writer like the majority of the bloggers that participated, but I still had fun with it. It really got my mind thinking on things other than work and school.

It has been a long time since this blog has had any type of regular posting and after a month of almost daily blogging, it is pretty much a habit again. But now the challenge comes in trying to find something new to post about. Writing a post based on a letter of the alphabet actually made finding something to write about easier.

I will most definitely have to attempt this challenge again. Count me in for next year!


  1. I know what you mean, I struggle to come up with things to write about, there are a few blogging promt groups about, but none o f them have taken my fancy yet .

  2. I jot down things to write about as they happen, or as I think of them. I enjoyed reading your challenge blogs and I have an Award for you. The Versatile Blogger Award - stop by my current blog post and pick up the award and see the rules - which you can ignore if you want.

  3. Love your blog! and the A-Z challenge is a great idea!!

    Side note: why oh why oh WHY can I not right click on your blog. I'm sad I can't open any links in new tabs ;-(

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