April 29, 2011


project started 9/2009
When it comes to crafty things, I leave a lot unfinished. I can't work on them because I feel guilty that there is something else that needs to be done. I always tell myself that I will work on my projects, after. 

After, I finished my class. After, I clean the house. After. But after never seems to arrive.

project started 11/2010
Currently, on my desk I have 2 unfinished scarves (one that only requires a few more rows to make it complete). An unfinished birthday card that only needs to be glued together. An unfinished scrapbook page with all the items I want to use on the page stacked right on top.

These are only a few of my projects, the few that I have out where I can see them. There are countless others that have been stored away (out of sight, mostly out of mind).

I usually try to make myself feel better about it by calling them works-in-progress and not what they really are, which is....unfinished.

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  1. I finally finished the Peter Rabbit longstitch for my baby daughters room...whens he was 14....

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