April 26, 2011


Do you Knit? Crochet? Like to play with yarn?

Do you know about Ravelry?

Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters and other lovers of yarn. It is a place to keep track of your current and finished projects, yarn stash and tools. There's also a ton of free (and paid) patterns available. I am amazed at the amount of creativity and information that I find on this site. It has grown so much over the years and it just keeps getting bigger (and better). Oh...and did I mention it was free to sign up?

My Ravelry Page


  1. The word makes me think of Revelry. Nice!

  2. Yes...I knit...a little - I'm still learning...
    Got to know about Ravelry & I did join them...a great source of information & I've made a few friends there too...

    Will be dropping by your Ravelry page to take a look...hehee...

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