April 8, 2011


Last Spring was so different. It was so green. So pretty.

This Spring, on the other hand, has been brown and dry. The desert is still trying to heal from record freezing temperatures that we got back in February. It was only a couple of days of freezing temps, but that is all it took. The plants that did survive are just now starting to grow back.

Last week the temperature got up into the 90's. This weekend the temperature is supposed to drop down into the 50's (30's at night).

I miss seeing flowers. I hope the plants survive.

May 8, 2010: pink blossoms

March 25, 2010: lantana


red dahlia

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”


  1. Love the photos. The winter in the south of England started early December with a record freeze and snow, but by January the snow had gone and it has been relatively mild.

    The last few days have been unseasonably warm, with it reaching a balmy 70 today. Since my wife is now well enough to get out and about, we are planning to go for a nice walk by the river at Hamble, and along the marshes. Should be a perfect day for it.

    I hope to have some good photographs to post later.

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