April 24, 2011


I have a habit of saving links to websites and  photos I find online. I am also guilty of sending lots of emails to myself of pages that I come across and don't want to forget. Thing is, once I save the link or send the email, I pretty much forget all about that webpage or photo that I was so keen on remembering.

This is where Pinterest comes in. Pinterest allows you to create a page of visual bookmarks. If I come across photos or ideas that I want to remember, I can pin it.

Pinterest allows you to create different pinboards to better categorize your awesome finds. Not only is it a place for me to keep all the visual ideas I find online, but it is also a place to find things I would not have found otherwise. I have discovered quite a few new sites by looking at what other people pin.

Pin·board (pĭn·bôrd): n. a visual collection of things you love

Here are a few lovelies that I have found on Pinterest:




I even came across a picture of mine that someone pinned! :-)

more {ripples}

A bit a of a warning though.....it can become addictive.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I've got so many blogs and sites that my bookmarks are bursting at the seams. Like you, I hardly ever get round to looking at them again.

  2. Hi..thanks for sharing..I saw this 'Pinterest' before but had no idea what it is for..thanks u for the info..

  3. I use springpad to bookmark things. I'm forever bookmarking recipes, crafts, and yes I too e-mail myself a lot from my phone so I can bookmark on my computer.

    Is that blanket crochet or knit? Was it easy to do? I'm always looking for a pattern like that.

  4. mom2triplets04: I am sorry I missed this comment. The blanket is crochet and is quite easy. The pattern is explained quite well and there are even pictures. The pattern can be found at http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/neat-ripple-pattern.html

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