April 17, 2011


I have lost my driver's license and debit card.

I last used my debit card on Wednesday afternoon. I know I had it Thursday evening but when I went to pay a bill on Friday afternoon they both were missing from my purse. There are only a few places they could be, but when I looked they were not there.

I hope that once I post this I will find them. Actually I am positive that once I admit to the world that they are gone, that they will suddenly show up.....or does that only happen AFTER you replace them?


  1. My trick to finding things I've thought I've lost is to voice it aloud: "Didn't I have a...?"

    The missing item is generally the next thing I see.

    Hope you find them, love.

  2. The best way to find something is to look for something else. I hope that you have found them by now. If not, I imagine that you have some form filling to do...

  3. Bummer! Hope they've turned up by this time. Nice to "meet" you thru the a-z challenge.

  4. Thank you Lis, Anji & Karen.

    Here's hoping all of your suggestions work because I still have not found them. :-(

  5. Hope you found them by now. In the mean time, did you cancel the card? My sister is also Stefani with an F but she has an e at the end.

  6. Rhonda@laugh-quotes - People named Stefani(e) are the coolest people ever! ;-)

    Still no cards and it looks like it might be awhile until I can get new ones. I need to get a copy of my birth certificate in order to get a duplicate drivers license. :-(

  7. Gosh, how horrible and scary! I have been known to put mine in a jacket I was wearing or jeans back pockets... and the door of my car. I hope yours magically reappear. Steve had $19,850 charged to his card and it wasn't even missing. VISA told him it was a 'swiped' card which meant someone at a restaurant took the machine that they used for a transaction and made new cards. I have kept up with mine since then. Thank God it was a VISA. Good luck with yours - stop your card if you have not yet.

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