April 16, 2011


Have I really gone halfway through this project without talking about my kitties? Well that's just not acceptable.

First there is Cleo.

Fat. Loving. Demanding.

She is set in her ways. Has a daily routine. Only eats dry food, which she won’t even let you watch her eat. Is a huge scaredy cat. Does not like to be held. Oh, and she really likes feet. People feet, that is. Just don’t you dare try to touch her furry kitty feet.

She is the biggest (and furriest) cat I have ever owned.

January 3, 2010: ...and the cat looked up

February 18, 2010: The yummy taste of freedom

March 5, 2010: elegant repose

Then there is Cairo.

Skinny. Loving. Nosey.

Loves, loves, loves boxes. Will turn anything into a toy. Loves to eat French fries, chips, anything she can get her sneaky little paws on. Uses me as furniture. Follows me everywhere.

She has always been skinny but is even more so since she got sick. I feel so sad that there is nothing that we can do for her.

I Spy...

March 6, 2010: backyard explorer



  1. Those are some awesome kitty shots...you are an amazing photographer!

    I like how your cats have different personalities.

  2. Cute cats. My favorite photo was the last one. I am your newest follower.

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